Marcio L. Teixeira

Showcasing my Projects and Hobbies

3D Printing

I like printing mathematical forms and combining 3D printing with electronics and lighting. I have had several award winning designs and have received press coverage in the Loveland Reporter Herald and

Photographed with iPhone 5s. Retouched in the GIMP.

The Business-Card Death Cube

In a galaxy far, far away, the corporation has built the death cube to control interstellar commerce. A paper sculpture, folded and assembled from obsolete business cards, made a fun prop for a sci-fi themed photo.

Lit with assorted flashlights and LED lamps. Photographed with iPhone 5s. Composed in the GIMP.

A Sketchy Condominium

My most elaborate attempt at modelling a real-world object. I used photos of the exterior of my condominium to design and texture my model.

Modelled in Google Sketchup. Texture preparation and measurements made in the GIMP.

Slicing on the Web

This visual demonstration is the result of an on-going project to build slicer software for 3D printers that will run in the web browser.

Conceived using JavaScript, THREE.js amd the Clipper library.

Smartphone Photography

Light and shadow fascinates me. I challenge myself to take “artistic” photos using just the phone I carry with me.

Photographed on location in Mexico on an iPhone 4.

Home-Grown Bismuth Crystals

I enjoy tinkering with nature just as much as I enjoy tinkering with technology.

Melted and formed at home on a portable hotplate.

Electrical Engineer (anagrams of)

An electrical engineer is an electric green alien that draws its social energy from an energetic cell in ear. Once retired, many go on to rent green icicle ale at the pub.

Anagrams found by computer. Cartoon hand-drawn, scanned and colorized in Adobe Photoshop.

Photo-realistic Rendering

My experiments in modelling and rendering realistic objects with shadows and reflections.

Modeled and rendered in Alias Sketch. Cover artwork scanned and copyrighted by their respective owners.

Retroweb Computer Museum

What started as my attempt to showcase my childhood Macintosh online became a comprehensive virtual computer museum where anyone could interact with vintage personal computers and software from the 80s.

This Javascript programming and web design project became a collaboration with open-source emulator developers and retro computer enthusiasts.

Try it yourself at

Photos credit: Peter Haagerup & Søren Haagerup

Down under in Cozumel

I work well under pressure.

Photo Credit: Samuel Bachar